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2014 Internship

Member newspapers can download application in PDF form Here. Deadline for newspapers to apply is April 23, 2014. The selected newspaper will be notified April 30.

1) One TGCPA newspaper will be selected for the $2,000 internship program. Selected newspaper must find a qualified intern. If a selected newspaper declines, the next alternate newspaper in line will be offered the opportunity.

2) Newspaper that is selected for the program must pay the intern a minimum of $300 per week for eight (8) weeks. (Living expenses must be taken into consideration when salary is determined.) Newspapers which are selected may hire an individual on their own who meets the intern requirements. Newspapers work out job assignments and pay schedule with the intern and are responsible for withholding and social security taxes.

3) For the purpose of proper verification for $2,000 reimbursement, newspapers selected must provide TGCPA with a copy of the intern's pay stub/W-2. The newspaper will not be reimbursed its $2,000 until pay record has been submitted to the Intern chairman. Pay record, story and picture must be submitted to Intern chairman No Later Than Dec. 30, 2014.

1) The intern candidate must be attending/enrolled in a jr. college/community college/college/university. A high school senior will also be accepted.

2) Intern candidate must be taking a journalism/advertising/photography/English-related course/photography or any other course relating to the newspaper industry. Work on a college/high school newspaper may be substituted.

3) Intern candidates selected will be employed a minimum of eight (8) weeks for the sponsoring newspaper at a minimum salary of $300 week.

If you have any questions, call Nick West at (361) 972-3009 or email

Download application in PDF form Here

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