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There are 5 classes of membership into the Texas Gulf Coast Press according to association bylaws.

Dues for all classes of Membership are the same $85 per year. Only the Active Membership class can participate in official association business (i.e. contest, intern program), voting and holding offices. The convention, however, is open to all dues-paying members.

A membership/dues form in pdf format can be downloaded by clicking HERE.

Membership dues notices are mailed before the first of each year to all newspapers that are listed with mailing addresses in the Texas Press Association directory and that fall in what is roughly the Gulf Coast region (that extends to north of Lufkin over to the Austin area and over to the Laredo area. Other qualified membership candidates interested in joining the TGPCA, but not currently on its mailing list, should contact Nick West at (361) 972-3009, email, or mail dues payment to Texas Gulf Coast Press, P. O. Box 817, Palacios, Tx. 77465.

1) Active Membership is for newspaper as defined in Sect. 2051.044 of the Texas Government Code and that are published at least once a week; and entered as periodcals class postal matter in the county where published for at least three months prior to the date of application for membership.

2) Individual Membership is open to former newspaper publishers or employees. Applications are subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.

3) Associate Membership is open to firms engaged in the sale or distribution of newspaper supplies or services; to the salesmen working for those firms, to commercial printing firms, advertising agencies and to teachers of journalism in recognized schools and colleges.

4) Participating Membership is open to periodicals not qualified for active membership or to bona fide newspapers published outside of the state of Texas.

5) Honorary Membership may be awarded to individuals who have performed dinstinguished service for the Texas press and are nominated by the board of directors. The membership is only granted on approval by the board at its annual convention.

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